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About Us

Secure Identity Ledger Corporation is the premier digital identity platform with One Digital ID for every person, business or machine. We enable consumers and businesses to enter into and be empowered by the Blockchain Age through a scalable, accessible, interoperable, private and secure platform. Please join us in this revolution, whether you’re a consumer securing your One Digital ID or businesses and entrepreneurs who want to develop exciting applications on the proven My Secure Ledger blockchain platform.

What Makes us Different?

Secure Identity Ledger corporation goes direct to consumer with the first-ever turnkey digital ID systems for consumers, including registration, authentication, verification on a private permission blockchain. Our application will provide individuals with unique digital ID with a public/ private key that enables them to prove their identity to third parties. The new blockchain platform puts consumers in control of their online identities. SILC's platform is cryptographically secure, unalterable and legitimate. Our online identities today are comprimised of a swath of personal data and scattered across the internet under multiple usernames and passwords. It's more important than ever that users take back control.

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