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About Us

Secure Identity Ledger Corporation is a technology company providing a blockchain platform with an integrated digital identity module, an asset management module, and a verified existence consensus algorithm. Our platform allows businesses to explore, build and test how blockchain technology can be put into practice for their specific use cases.

We have implemented and used our current platform, and it is now time for companies to invest, explore and build their distributed applications on the blockchain.


Our vision is to grow our ecosystem by creating a set of tools that will build trust, increase transparency, provide security and create value for all members.

We intend to use the power of our blockchain to introduce the concept of ‘Fair Play’ and eliminate data asymmetry through 3 principles:

Everywhere is the same

Through a distributed ledger everyone is in control of the same hashed data

Records are Permanent

Recorded events are permanent and immutable on the blockchain

No one is in charge

The ledger is decentralized, no "one" person is in control of the data

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What makes us different?

We can help you explore use case utilizing blockchain technology

We help you build customized private blockchain application by giving you 2 of the most important part of any blockchain applications (1) private blockchain and (2) digital ID system.

We understand the challenges of creating and launching a blockchain use case. Our next-generation platforms will reduce the cost, time, and complexity of building, deploying and maintaining use case applications. We have gone the challenges from the coding through the ICO process and we want to share with you the same set of tools and knowledge that we have gained.

What We Do

We can shorten your blockchain project, eliminate miners and fees, resolve the ‘Blockchain Bloat’ and facilitate scalability

We Provide:

Private Blockchain

Additions to the blockchain can only be done by users with an elevated set of permissions, with access defined by the client

Secure digital ID module with public/ private key

Each user on the blockchain is provided with a digital ID which prevents identifying information from being accessed by unauthorized users, through a unique hashing mechanism

Verified Existence consensus algorithm

A proprietary algorithm that allows transactions to be verified much faster than competing blockchains

Zero-knowledge so that your data is protected and guarded

All information stored is encrypted or hashed, so that your information cannot be accessed without your authorization

You Bring:

Your Rules, Smart Contract, and Data

Choose what, when, and how the data is stored on the Blockchain

Business Logic

How you want to use your Blockchain based app to deliver, calculate, and transform the data to your users

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Use Cases

Crypto News

Supply Chain









Renewable Energy


Crowd Funding


Asset MGMT


Data Storage


Clearing Settlement




Tax Automation


Reward Loyalty


Triple Entry



1121 +


5,407 +

Transactions on the Chain

4,500,000 +

Data Points

480,207 +

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